Kautilya Fellows Programme 2019 (KFP)


India Foundation is hosting the 2nd edition of the workshop called the Kautilya Fellows Program. The Program is scheduled to be held in Delhi from February 18 - 28, 2019. It aims to provide the scholars from around the world an opportunity to study India's age old tradition of building cooperative relationships with other countries and understand India's growing leadership role in the world. In this edition, the program will also include a component on India's Public Policy wherein participants will be introduced to our public institutions and their role in enabling democratic governance.


KFP is a unique and comprehensive 10-day workshop on India’s Foreign Policy and Public Policy. The curriculum of KFP is well rounded to cover major thematic issues and strategic bilateral relationships in India’s Foreign Policy, understand India’s public institutions and their role in shaping India’s political economy and society. This event will bring together participants, researchers, academicians and enthusiasts from across India, India’s neighboring countries and from key partner nations.


Scholars who are desirous of learning about India's Foreign Policy and Public Policy and to join this programme may please visit the KFP website for further details :